Materials & Care Guide

Unlock the Elegance of Luxury Jewelry

At Simple Chic, we're not just promising luxury—we're making it accessible. We understand the skepticism that might accompany our claim, but take pride in the countless moments our customers have been left in awe upon unveiling their first package from us. Curious about the secrets behind our exquisite pieces? Allow us to share the essence of what makes our jewelry not just beautiful, but enduring.

Our Premier Materials

  • 14k Gold Filled: A Timeless Choice "Gold-filled" represents more than just an industry standard in the USA; it's a guarantee of quality. With 1/20th or 5% pure gold by weight, this method uses high heat to pressure bond layers of solid 14k gold over a jeweler's brass core. This technique ensures our Permanent Jewelry and select pieces from our regular lines boast a durable, real gold finish that's both water resistant and tarnish-free.

  • 14k/18k Gold Bonded: Elegance Redefined Crafted with a process similar to our gold-filled pieces, gold bonded items feature a different gold percentage, adding an extra layer of protection. Our regular jewelry collection benefits from this technique, ensuring each piece is water-resistant, tarnish-free, and hypoallergenic.

Care Guide To maintain the allure of your gold-filled jewelry, a simple wash with gentle soap and water after swimming or hot tub use is recommended. For general care, use mild soap and a soft cloth, and remember, gentle products are key.

  • 925 Sterling Silver: Pure Radiance Each silver piece is genuine 925 sterling silver, treated with an anti-tarnish coating to extend its beauty. While tarnishing is natural, proper care will keep your jewelry shining.

Care Guide Avoid water and remove jewelry before sleep. Keep away from harsh chemicals to preserve integrity. For cleaning, a soft toothbrush and mild soap work wonders.

  • Gold Vermeil: Distinguished Brilliance Not to be confused with basic gold plating, our gold vermeil pieces feature a thick layer of gold over sterling silver, ensuring a lasting hue.

Care Guide Like sterling silver, avoid water and sweat. A dry, soft cloth is all you need for a gentle buff.

  • 14k/18k Gold Plated: Modern Sophistication Our gold-plated jewelry receives an extra layer of protection to enhance durability. However, to ensure longevity, special care is crucial.

Care Guide Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Avoid water and sweat, and dry promptly if exposed.

Your Timeless Investment

Choosing the right material matters for longevity and beauty. From sterling silver to gold-plated options, we guide you towards making an investment that truly lasts. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of 925 sterling silver, the durability of gold-filled or bonded, or the luster of gold vermeil, our collection offers something special for every discerning enthusiast.

At Simple Chic Jewelry, we're more than a brand; we're a gateway to the luxury you deserve.