Ring Sizing Guide

Discover the Ideal Fit for the Perfect Ring

Securing the ideal fit for your chosen ring is paramount, ensuring that this emblem of affection encircles the finger just right. Our comprehensive Ring Size Guide equips you with all the necessary insights to guarantee that your thoughtful gesture also boasts a flawless fit.

A Universe of Sizes, Tailored for All

We take pride in our collection's versatility, with 80% sterling silver rings and some pearl rings featuring adjustable designs that gracefully accommodate sizes 5 to 12. These open-end rings are crafted to ensure a seamless fit for a wide array of finger sizes, inviting you to choose confidently. For our classic selections, adhere to the following guidance to discover your accurate ring size.

Embarking on Your Sizing Journey

In the Canadian and US markets, women's rings typically span sizes 3 to 9, whereas men's selections range from 8 to 14. Should you find yourself between sizes, opting for the larger size is advisable for optimal comfort.

Enhancing Your Measurement Precision

  • Acknowledge that each finger may possess a unique size; a perfect fit on one might not translate to another.
  • For best results, measure when your hands are warm.
  • The chosen size should slide over the knuckle with ease yet remain snug enough to not slip off.
  • Refrain from using string or paper for measurements due to their lack of accuracy.

Sizing for Another? Let Us Guide You

The most straightforward method to ascertain another's ring size is simply to ask. Yet, for those surprise moments, enlist the assistance of friends or family for a discreet inquiry. Women's rings most commonly fall between sizes 5 and 7, with size 6 being notably popular. Men's rings often range from size 8 to 10-½, with size 9 as a frequent choice.

Steps to Determine Your Ring Size

  1. Circle your finger with a piece of string or paper.
  2. Mark the meeting point of the ends.
  3. Measure the length with a ruler (in mm) and consult our ring size chart for your match.
  4. Aim for a comfortable fit that allows the ring to pass over your knuckle with ease.

When dealing with larger knuckles, measure both the knuckle and the base of your finger, selecting a size that balances the two.

Stress-Free Sizing Assurance

Concerns over ring size should never overshadow the joy of your selection. With a 14-day exchange policy, we're here to ensure satisfaction. For assistance, reach out to us at info@simplechic.ca, and let us guide you to the perfect fit.